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... into English, and English into German.


If you are looking for top quality translation or interpreting skill, or need someone to iron out those typos, grammar and spelling mistakes which are far too often seen in anything printed, then please do contact me as I would love to hear what kind of challenge you can present me with.


I can offer you a variety of language based services, a comprehensive list of which you can find here.


Working with words is what I love doing and I am good at, so why not try and profit from my skill and enthusiasm? 


Translator's Philosophy

Translating does not just involve language - it is an art form, allowing the translator to draw on their own creativity without losing any of the original meaning. This is something very close to my heart, and which I feel very passionate about. It means that you and I will work as a team! After all - this is YOUR artwork, your creation that I'll be working on, transforming it into the other language.  This is also why communication is so important - I aim to provide you with any feedback you require.


I see myself as a bridge that helps simplify and improve communication between two different cultures, the German and the English.  To do so, we translators do not only require a large vocabulary but also cultural, historical and social skills, which impact our work.  As I have lived and worked over 25 years in each country, I do have a fair advantage by having a real "feel" for the language, colloquialisms, interaction and mannerisms of the people.


Especially today, precise translations are an important factor in the communication and therefore the trade between countries throughout the world. With our work, we want to do our part in helping the world get a little closer, and improve the exchange and understanding between cultures.


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